EasyCE | Insurance Continuing Education | CE Made Easy


EasyCE was born out of the survey responses of tens of thousands of insurance sales professionals. Overwhelmingly they wanted the continuing education process to be easier and more convenient. So we created an innovative platform which allows independent study on any device, computer, tablet or smartphone. We then added Audio-on-Command, thereby eliminating the necessity of spending hours tied to your desk or hunched over your computer screen.

We combined technology with experience. Our staff includes individuals with actual insurance experience. Experience in sales, sales training, management, legal, product development and website development solutions. In other words, experience which allows us to deliver strong content with immediate applicability.

Experience: EasyCE's commitment is to build our knowledge and experience in the insurance industry into every course. This results in educational information that is immediately applicable to your business and professional growth.

Technology: Whether it's our Audio-on-Command (available on every course), or our multi-device platform, EasyCE’s leading-edge technology will help you optimize your time and learning experience.